Monday, August 31, 2015

Goodbye Kittens and Ponies

On August 13th, Ad and Lila had their last day of school in the Ponies and Kittens classes.  They both had such wonderful years, and it was sad to say goodbye.  I attended both the girl's parties during lunch to celebrate everything they had learned and accomplished this year.

Ad's class had a Hawaiian-themed party complete with Chick-fil-a and Marble Slab ice cream....pretty much every three year old's dream. 

Party time

Ms. Sharon, Ad, Ms. Constance and Ms. Diana.  Addie had such wonderful teachers this year, and we were so blessed by them.  I love that they loved our little girl, and we are so grateful they spend their days teaching these precious little ones.

playing limbo

I brought a ball pit for Lila's friends to play in during their end of year party.  One of the moms brought mini cupcakes, and we had a fun time with our babies.

Lila LOVED the ball pit.

Ms. Jeannette, Lila, Ms. Maria and Ms. Melinda.  These were Addie's same teachers when she was a Kitten, and we love them to pieces.  They love on the babies like they are their own, and we could not have asked for better teachers for our sweet babies.

The ball pit got a lot of mileage over the next several days.  We left it out until I couldn't stand to pick up one more ball in the house.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Last Summer Hurrah!

This year, instead of throwing big birthday parties for the girl, we decided to head to San Antonio for a little getaway to celebrate.  Thursday evening, when Ad got home from school, I took her to a new nail salon by our house that had a special kids chair.  We eat got a mani/pedi so we would have pretty nails for our trip.  She loved it and thought she was so grown up.

All settled in her bear chair

They were playing cartoons for her to keep her entertained.

She wanted to give the bear a hug.  :)

Mommy/Addie fun

Friday morning, we packed up our stuff, got dressed, loaded up the car with way too much stuff for one weekend and finally made it out the door on our way to San Antonio.  Jenn, Skaife, Jackson and Deanna, Jim and Zayden all met us for the weekend.  We all headed straight to pool after checking up and swam and floated in the lazy river until it was time to get dressed for dinner.

We stayed at the Hill Country Hyatt and got dressed and had dinner at their buffet on Friday night.

After dinner, we headed outside and let the kiddos run around on the golf course to burn some energy.  It was a nice evening outdoors with the family.

A rare family pic.  Love these people!

Lila was "walking" like this all over the golf course.  She is so close to just taking off.

Saturday morning, we woke up and headed to Sea World for the day.

Family pic before we all dispersed.  We all did our own thing and then met up at various points throughout the day.  It worked out perfectly.

Ad loved the sea lions and wanted to take pictures with all the animals she saw throughout the park.

Aunt Jenn was the hero and bought a bunch of fish for Ad to feed the sea lions.  I think it was the highlight of her entire day.

Lila taking advantage of the shade and snoozing during the Azul show.

Ad and Jason rode the Shamu roller coaster.  She was so brave and so proud that she got to ride with her daddy.

High fives all around.

Jackson is so stinkin sweet with Ad.  I just love those two.  The kids were total troopers all day.  We ended up staying til about 5pm.  We had a full day loaded with fun.

We got back to the hotel and changed straight into our swim suits to head to the pool for swimming and a poolside dinner.

Sunday morning, Jason had an early tee time, and the girls and I slept in.

We then headed down for breakfast buffet.

And some fun at the playground

My ever-so-cautious Ad was so brave climbing all over the playground and going down the big slides by herself.

Lila wanted in on the action too.

Love this precious baby

The boys and kiddos jumped in the pool after golf before we checked out and headed back to Houston.

It was a super great weekend and wonderful last getaway of the summer.  I love spending time with our family.