Monday, August 31, 2015

Goodbye Kittens and Ponies

On August 13th, Ad and Lila had their last day of school in the Ponies and Kittens classes.  They both had such wonderful years, and it was sad to say goodbye.  I attended both the girl's parties during lunch to celebrate everything they had learned and accomplished this year.

Ad's class had a Hawaiian-themed party complete with Chick-fil-a and Marble Slab ice cream....pretty much every three year old's dream. 

Party time

Ms. Sharon, Ad, Ms. Constance and Ms. Diana.  Addie had such wonderful teachers this year, and we were so blessed by them.  I love that they loved our little girl, and we are so grateful they spend their days teaching these precious little ones.

playing limbo

I brought a ball pit for Lila's friends to play in during their end of year party.  One of the moms brought mini cupcakes, and we had a fun time with our babies.

Lila LOVED the ball pit.

Ms. Jeannette, Lila, Ms. Maria and Ms. Melinda.  These were Addie's same teachers when she was a Kitten, and we love them to pieces.  They love on the babies like they are their own, and we could not have asked for better teachers for our sweet babies.

The ball pit got a lot of mileage over the next several days.  We left it out until I couldn't stand to pick up one more ball in the house.

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