Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Shop Til You Drop

On May 1st, the girl's school closed at noon for their annual field day.  Unfortunately, Jason and I were both busy at work so Deanna  picked up the girls.  She took them to the mall for lunch and a little shopping.  Addie had the best time and came home with an Elsa doll and Frozen dress, and Lila got her very own Olaf that Ad picked out for her.  :)  They rode the carousel and the train and just had the best day with their Nana. 
Eating a little ice cream

When did my baby get so big?!?

Lila with Olaf

Taking Elsa on the train

Ad had her face painted at school.  She was so proud.

Lila giving Nana a big ole grin

Beautiful baby

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