Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Our Little Monkeys

We have been having a super rainy spring this year, and the first weekend in May, we finally had a nice day so decided to take advantage and head to the zoo.  We got there early, saw the animals, had an early lunch by the giraffes and were pulling out by noon before it got super hot and way to enjoy the zoo in my opinion.  It was a great morning and both the kids and adults had a good time.

Ad and Jackson are big buddies

The animals were all out and active.  These bears wrestled around and were so fun to watch.

Happy girl despite my epic fail of leaving the formula I packed ahead of time sitting on the counter at home.  URGH.


I love this little lunch spot at the zoo.  It's so fun to eat and watch the giraffes.

Precious kiddos

Daniel snapped this pic and Jason and I acting like loons trying to take a pic of the girls.  haha

Fun day making sweet memories with friends.

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