Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Congrats Gary and Kathy and Other Weekend Shenanigans

In mid-April, my parents came in town for the weekend to visit, and we had a great time just hanging out.  Ad is pretty obsessed with her Papaw these days for all the reasons that are important to 2-years olds......eating chick-fil-a ice cream until you get brain freeze, hunting the peacocks in the neighborhood on the golf cart with your water gun, going to the fishing store, etc ,etc.  The weekend was pretty much her version of perfection. 
Saturday evening, Jenn and Skaife hosted a 40th anniversary party for Skaife's parents, Gary and Kathy.  They had a taco truck in the driveway and plenty of drinks to go around.  We had a great time celebrating a great couple.  Congrats Gary and Kathy on 40 years of marriage.  What an example!


Ridin the boat

Shopping with Papaw


My family

Love these two
First attempt to take a pic of Lila without her paci...haha
Ahhhh....much better mom
Mimi and Lila
Too cool for school
Sunday afternoon, Jason bought some plants, and we worked on updating the flower beds for spring.  Addie loved helping her daddy dig with her Minnie Mouse gardening equipment.


These are the weekends I treasure most.  The ones where we just get to hang out as a family and enjoy ordinary life....together.  I feel so blessed.

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