Thursday, February 26, 2015

Valentine's Party

On Friday the 13th, Addie's class at school celebrated Valentine's Day.  They didn't have a designated time for a party but rather did festive activities throughout the day.  I was off from work, but I knew Addie would have so much fun with her friends so instead I joined her for a day of school.  I loved getting to see what they do all day and enjoyed getting to help with the Valentine's activities.  It was a fun day for both of us.

Addie put Valentine's bags together for each of her friends.  She was SOOO proud of them and carefully selected what bag would go to each friend.  I was in charge of providing cookies for the kids to decorate so Ad and I made big heart-shaped cookies.  She announced to me all week that those were her friends for the party.

Ready to head to school

Lila's class didn't have a party, but she looked so cute in her V-day garb.

Ad and her big buddy, Wyatt.

Addie and Harper

They made cute little hats during their morning craft time.

Rene's mom brought heart-shaped pizzas for the kids to have for lunch.

I snuck over to Lila's class throughout the day to check in on her as well.

She was happy as could be playing on the floor.

Hi Mom!!

The kids loved decorating the cookies

After cookie decorating, they all exchanged Valentines and put them in the bags they had made earlier in the week.  They were so cute and all so proud to hand them to each of their friends.

Story time

Headed out on a buggy ride

Snack time
I took the girls home around 3 before traffic got bad, and we played outside in the beautiful weather the rest of the day.  It was a perfectly festive day celebrating with my two little loves.

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