Friday, February 20, 2015

Mega Picture Dump

I am once again behind on the blog, and since this serves as our family's scrapbook, I am going to just do a massive picture dump of some pics of the girls over the last month or so to get somewhat up to date.  Enjoy!

breakfast on the go

Saturday morning baking

picnic lunch outside on a beautiful weekend day

wagon rides with "baby" Jackson

One afternoon, Ad was supposed to be napping, and she was just playing and playing in her room (she never usually gets out of her bed).  Once things got quiet, I went in to check on her and found her sound asleep on her floor.  haha

The girl's school was closed on MLK day so Deanna was kind enough to keep them since Jason and I had to work.  They spent the day at the mall, and the girls had a blast.

snuggled in bed with mommy

There aren't words for this kind of cuteness

breakfast in bed

Ad got a 24 hour bug in January and stayed home from school one day.  By the afternoon, she was feeling a little better and picked out a clean outfit (herself) and was snuggled on the couch watching TV.

She loves ballet on Wednesdays.

Showing off her ponytail.

My two favorite girls in the world

She looks like pretty woman walking around in my boots.  haha

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