Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer Fun

In an effort to finish getting caught up on the blog, the below is a picture dump of some summer fun that didn't fit in to any other category.

On e Friday, I took the girls up to see my cousin Kelsey and her kiddos.  They had a fun time playing, and I enjoyed catching up with Kels.  Kristi stopped by as well which was a great surprise.

We have put the new plastic pool to good use.  The girls love playing in it, and it's perfect for those days that you don't feel like dragging all the swimming gear down to the club.

It was sunny and hot so Dan offered to be the umbrella holder for the kids (and moms).  It was genius.

Fun friends!

My sweet baby is getting so big

Ad with her friends Ella and Harper

My dad and Addie planted some corn while we were on vacation.  Ad has been making sure to water it each day, and her corn is now probably 3 ft tall.

Matching babies

The girl's school is always doing fun things for the kids during the summer.  This particular day was PJ day so they got to wear their jammies to school.

Splash Day every Friday

Lila has discovered the chips in the bottom of the pantry and is thoroughly entertained by them.  Whatever buys me a few minutes to get dinner fixed.

Snow cones!

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