Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Meanwhile...Back at Home

...the girls were having the time of their life with their Mimi and Papaw.  They were spoiled with gifts and non-stop activities.  They really had the best time.  Thanks Mom and Dad for coming to keep the girls.

They took lots of stroller (and golf cart) rides around the neighborhood.

Met up with Jackson to play

Went to the park

and the playground at Chick fil a

Playing peek-a-boo barn

They spent lots of time swimming

Early morning snuggles with Papaw

Mickey mouse pancakes.  Lila decided that while we were away, she was no longer in to her baby food and really preferred pancakes for breakfast.  Thanks for that one Dad.  :)

Ad worked lots of new puzzles

They went to the mall to play

and got new Elsa and Anna dolls

Swinging like a big girl

They spent one day at the zoo


and had their cousins over to play
early morning snoozing in bed with Papaw

Ad and Papaw planted corn, and we have been watching it grow over the last month.  Ad is so proud of it and can't wait for it to produce some actual corn.

We missed these girls so much, but so thankful I have parents who are willing to give up 5 days of their summer to come play with my kiddos!

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