Monday, July 6, 2015

Algodon Festivities

Part of the reason we headed to the Valley was to attend Algodon.  Traditionally, the Don and Dona of Algodon host a party the next year the night before the ball.  Since my grandparents were the reigning Don and Dona, most of the family came in town to help with and attend the party my grandpa hosted on Friday night.  We then all had a fun night at Algodon on Saturday night.

Thursday night, my mom hosted a little spray tan party for any of the girls that wanted to have a little color for the weekend festivities.  Thanks Marit for a great time and great tan!

The decorating crew...The party was held at La Cantera, and we all went Friday morning to decorate the venue for my grandpa.  I thought it turned out so pretty.

Britt made these adorable chalkboard signs with facts about cotton for the entry.

All of the tables were done a little different with tractor disks or apothecary jars filled with cotton seed.

Don and Dona Party

Cobbleheads catered the dinner, and the food was fantastic.

Uncle Mark setting up the music

Loved these cotton cookies

Dad and Grandpa

Aunt Ann paying the bills.  :)

Grandpa with his kiddos

Love my mama

Algodon Ball

Saturday night, we all got dressed up in our cotton dresses for the ball.  I missed my dancing partner, but we all had a great time.

Dad and Aunt Ann read grandpa's part at the coronation.

Grandpa congratulating the new Don and Dona

Clara was the little princess when I was the Algodon Queen and now she was on court.  Made me feel so old.

Algodon was such a great time and ended our trip to the Valley.  The next morning, the girls and I got up and headed back to Houston.  We had the best visit and made such sweet memories.  It was also great to get back and see Jason.  Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful time!

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