Thursday, July 2, 2015

Girl's Trip!!

June is a super busy month at work for Jason, and since I had the time, the girls and I decided to make a little road trip to visit my family in South Texas.  Addie was so excited about our girl's trip.  She kept telling everyone, "I'm going on a girl's trip..NOT a boy's trip."  haha  This was the first time I had driven that far with the girls by myself, and they did awesome.  I couldn't have asked for better little travelers.  We were in the Valley for 9 days which is the longest I had been home since I graduated from college.  We spent the first half of the trip at the beach and then the second half at my parents doing Algodon festivities.  It really was the best time, and we made some fantastic memories.  Just wish Jason could have joined us.  :(

Road trippin with my girls

We swam at my parent's neighbor's pool several days.


Clean and happy girl

The girls met their cousins at Chucky Cheese to play games

Mimi had some art projects to keep Ad busy which she loved.

On the way to the beach we stopped at Bob's World (a souvenir shop) and let Ad see all the dinosaurs, sharks, etc.  She loved it.

I also let her get a pet hermit crab.....which she promptly decided to name Sloppy....not sure where that one came from.

Lila did not want to be held.  She is a free range baby and loved crawling all over (and eating) the sand.



Morning walk with Mimi before heading to the beach.

My wonderful parents who spoil us.  Thanks Mom and Dad for great memories at the beach!

This is post card material.  Love this girl.

I chased these girls all over the place.  I brought my book to reach and think I read a total of 5 pages the entire 9 days we were in the Valley.  The whole week was jam packed full of fun, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Mimi reading books with her two littlest grandkids.

Ad and Sloppy

One day, we went down to where some of the other family was at the beach and all put our tents together.  The girls loved playing with their cousins, and it was great getting to catch up with everyone.

Cousin love

One night, we all headed to Sea Ranch to celebrate Aunt Ann's retirement.  Congrats Aunt Ann!!

We took the kiddos to the sea turtle rescue one morning before the beach.

No better place to nap than snuggled with her Mimi.

Chasing sea gulls

Uncle Cale taking a break from entertaining kiddos

Playing at the beach is hard work folks

Dominoes back in the condo.

Cohen, Addie, Prelsey and Dylan

Puzzles in the condo

Snoozin' with Aunt Britt

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