Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break 2K13

Since my mom wsa off work for Spring Break, Addison and I decided to head down to Harlingen for the second half of the week to visit the fam.  It was a great trip with family.  Addie was so good on the plane both ways and was the perfect little traveler.  We got to see lots of family, took Ad on her first trip to the zoo, hosted the extended family for dinner, enjoyed a little shopping and just enjoyed hanging out together.

Kristi and Kelsey were in town with their kiddos as well so we headed over to Aunt Cheryl's house one morning to join the madness.

Mimi and Addie rocking on the back porch

Papaw and his girl

Sportin our John Deere outfit

This peacock just roams the zoo, and he was struttin his stuff with his feathers fanned.  So pretty.

Uncle Cale helping Ad get the obligatory pic on the tortoise at the Gladys Porter Zoo.

This hat lasted about 3.5 seconds before she ripped it off her head.  My little white girl needs the shade.

The zoo has a new exhibit where you can feed the giraffes.  Ad was impressed with the real live "Sohpie the giraffe"

Hungry, tired and ready to go

Snoozin with Papaw before church on Sunday morning.
Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us come visit.  We had a great time!

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