Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Sister-in-Law is Totally Rad

Last weekend was Jenn's 30th birthday, and we celebrated 80's-style.  Skaife did a fabulous job planning the party.  Everyone wore their best version of 80's fashion, and we spent the night snacking on yummy Mexican food, having drinks and listening to the best of the 80's tunes.  It was a great party celebrating a great girl.  My parents were in town for a doctor's appointment that weekend and were kind enough to keep Addie so Jason and I could have a night out baby free.  We had the best time.  Happy Birthday Jenn!  Welcome to legit adulthood.  :)

The fam

Misty, Jenn and Amber

The Skaifes

Love the 80's version of the Skaifes

Love this pic!

Ladies...back off....those white legs are mine.  :)

Deanna and Jenn

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Sherry said...

We did not look like that in the 80's girlie.......