Wednesday, March 6, 2013

7 Months!

On March 2nd, Addison turned 7 months old.  How is that even possible?  The months just keep flying by, and Jason and I are having the time of our lives with our precious girl.

At 7 months, Addison.....
- is wearing mostly 6 month clothes and jammies.  Her 9 month things fit for the most part, and we have been starting to work them into the rotation.
- is wearing a size 2 diaper.
- is wearing a size 1 or 2 shoe when she wears shoes.
- is nursing anywhere in the range of every 2-4 hours during the day (when she is with me) and usually just takes 3 6oz bottles during the day when she is at school.  She also eats breakfast and lunch at school each day and dinner when we get home at night.
- is holding her bottle by herself. Her teachers put her in the bouncer next to them, and she feeds herself.
- has started taking a little more formula than last month.  She is still primarily on breast milk, but takes 1 full bottle of formula per day during the week at school.
- is eating really well.  The only thing so far she doesn't seem to love is avocado.  We will keep trying though.
- is scooting all over the place.  She is also starting to really try to crawl on her knees but hasn't quite gotten it down.
-does what Jason calls the "alligator death roll" when you try to change her diaper.  She refuses to just lay still on her back.  Makes diaper changes quite interesting.
- buries her head in my shoulder when she gets shy or flirty.
- wants me all the time.  She currently has a bit of separation anxiety.
- is sleeping so well in her crib now.  She goes down around 7:30 and usually just wakes up once around 4-5am, then back to sleep til 7-7:30am.  She flips over and sleeps on her belly every night.
- we lowered her crib mattress this month since she is now super close to being able to pull up.
- plays peek a boo and LOVES it.  We cover her head with a blanket, and she pulls it off.  Once we get going she will cover her own head over and over. 
-  got 2 teeth this month...the 2 bottom teeth.  Her first was on Feb. 12th and 2nd on Feb 26th.
-  got pink eye and her first ear infection this month.  We put her on antibiotics, and it was all cleared up really quickly.

Addison is just thriving, and we couldn't be more proud.  Happy 7 month birthday baby girl!! Mommy and daddy love you so very much!

Just sending a few emails

Helping mom fold laundry

Trying to crawl

Sleeping in her crib at school

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