Friday, August 17, 2012

Going Home

Texas Woman's hospital keeps patients for 48 hours after delivery so we got to go home on the afternoon of August 4th.  Jason and I dressed Addison in her pink, smocked dress, loaded her in her car seat and drove carefully home.  My parents were anxiously awaiting our arrival at our house.  My mom passed the time getting in touch with her high school cheer leading roots and made a welcome home sign for Addie.  It was so great to be home.  Jenn and Jason brought Jackson over that afternoon to meet Addison, and he was so cute with her.  When I asked him if he wanted to hold her, he responded with "I guess if she isn't too heavy." :)  Later he saw that she didn't have teeth and then asked....when will she get her tongue.  I love kids and the funny things they say.  

 In the middle of this picture, Miss Addie decided to mess her diaper.  Jason's expression was too funny to not include.  haha

 Sweet cousins

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