Saturday, August 18, 2012

First Bath

Jason and my mom gave Addison her first bath at our house.  We joked that Addie had spa baths bc we had a heater running to keep her warm, and her Mimi would warm her towel for her.  She also gets a little dab of the best smelling baby perfume on top of her head when she's finished.  She fussed a little but overall did really well.  She was so clean and happy after her bath.  I think she's learned to really enjoy her spa baths.  :)  Gotta love a freshly cleaned baby!


 Clean and cozy with her daddy.

 Awake and happy after she got cleaned up.
 Dr. Evil face cracks me up.

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Cody and Britt said...

These pics are so great! Cody and I can't get enough of
her her animated faces, too. :) We need te next two weeks to go very, very quickly!!