Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Eve

From the time I was little, Grandma Johnson has always made homemade sugar cookies for Christmas.  Since this was my first Christmas away from my family I was feeling a little sentimental and decided I needed to make some so I wouldn't be missing out.  Jenn was nice enough to come over and help me on Christmas Eve.  Little did we know it would turn out to be an all day endeavor.  We started off the day by realizing we didn't have enough flour or a Santa cookie cutter so we headed to Kroger.  We got the flour but no cookie cutter.  After visiting several stores, we ended up with a new outfit each and still no Santa.  Since it was already noon, we decided to go ahead and start the cookies.  We ended up making GOBS of cookies.  I am not sure what we were thinking.  4 1/2 hours later we were finished.  We had a really great time making them though and lots of laughs were shared.

 Lots of undecorated cookies waiting for icing

 Since we never found a Santa cutter, Jenn hand crafted this Santa hat.  It turned out really cute.
 We took group pics of our favorites and least favorite ones/ones that had funny stories.  This group was the least favorite batch.  Notice the backwards candy cane and the really creepy gingerbread man.  haha

Some of the prettier ones.

That evening, we headed over to Jason's grandparents house for Christmas Eve dinner and a white elephant exchange.  They ordered Goodies BBQ and had several sides.  The food was delicious.  Grandma O had everyone go around the room and tell what they are thankful for, and I have to say I really am so thankful that Jason's family embraced me and made me have a great first Christmas with them.  Although I missed my family on Christmas, I had a fantastic holiday spending time with Jason and his family.

 Deanna with her kids
 Drew and Deb
 Grandma O with George

 Howard...really excited he got a "10" for the white elephant exchange
 Laura with Robert and Harry
   Opening my white elephant gift
 Jenn got a pretty platter....with a little help on which one to chose from her mom..haha
 Jenn and I
 This pic is blurry but wanted to post one of Jason with his grandma

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Jenny said...

Those sugar cookies look so cute!!! You guys did an awesome job decorating them! I had to LOL that you both ended up w/ new outfits though. Too funny.