Monday, June 20, 2016

Rounding out April

A few (or a lot) of pics that didn't make it into a post of their own.......

Addie in art class at school

Cody had a bachelor party in Houston and stopped by the house to see us.  It was his birthday so the girls and I took him to dinner to celebrate before he met up with his friends.

Happy Birthday Uncle Cody!

Addie went over the morning of our crawfish boil to play with Maddie, our neighbor, while we got things set up.  They both had princess costumes on and had so much fun together.

Not sure how I did not take more pics of our crawfish boil, but we hosted one for friends in the neighborhood, and it was SO MUCH FUN.  We had about 50 adults over + kids with crawfish, bounce houses, etc.  Hopefully, this becomes an annual party.

The kiddos loved playing with the crawfish.

Playing with leftover confetti eggs in our jammies.

Lila discovered she loves Cheetos this month.

They brought their purses to school on this day.

Nana took Ad to the mall and came home with 2 new friends.

Cale was doing a project with his kids at school and drew a Callie on the board for the girls.  #cooluncleaward

I planted hydrangeas in our backyard, and they started blooming.  I just love them!

Because 2 pacis is always better than 1

Kristi sent a bunch of hand-me-down clothes to Ad, and the girls were just thrilled when they discovered these dresses.

When you are at home and it's raining, you have a picnic in the entry and watch the rain.

And find snails on the door step.

Working from home when Lila bean was under the weather.  #multitasking

We go on loves of peacock hunting adventures

Sweet Hayes

Jason gave Ad her morning squeeze while we got dressed for work and came back and found her like this.  haha #shesnotamorningperson

The girls got to spend one night with their Nana.  It was Lila's first time to get to go.  They had the best time swimming, making cookies, etc.

Pizza al fresco on a beautiful spring evening

because this just makes me laugh

Family farm.  So pretty.

So inappropriate but too cute not to post

Caught red handed

Date night!

and because she has to do everything her sister does......

trying on our recital costume

Can anyone find Addie in the midst of all her "friends"?

Ta Da

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