Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Addie's Ballet Recital

Addie has been taking ballet at school since she was 2, but this year was the first year she got to participate in a recital with a real costume.  She could not have been more thrilled.  My parents and Cale all came in town to watch her dance, and she was so proud to have them there.  I don't know a ton about ballet, but I do know my little dancer felt so beautiful, was adorable and had a blast.  I was tearing up and so excited to watch her dance. I love you Addie and am so proud to be your mom!

They each got a ribbon at the end of the show.  God bless Mrs. Shelley for taking the time to teach all these little dance.  The fact that she can get a whole group of littles to generally be doing the same thing at generally the same time is astounding to me

Daddy brought Ad flowers and a little stuffed puppy for a job well-done.

Mimi and Papaw also got her flowers and a little stuffed ballerina lamb.

family pic with our dancer

This girl loves her Mimi and Papaw

What a sweet Uncle Rock to come watch his favorite 3 year old dance.  These 2 have a special bond.  They say it's the "ginger connection".  :)

One last pose for Mrs. Shelley

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