Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cale's Bday Weekend

My parent's and Cale came in town the first weekend in May for Addie's ballet recital which also happened to fall on Cale's bday weekend.  I had to work on Friday, but Cale and my Dad kept the girls home from school and took them to the aquarium for the day.  They had a blast as always with Papaw and Uncle "Rock".  Friday night, Jason and I had our mom's club end of year party so we headed out to a luau in the neighborhood for some fun.  Saturday was filled with Ad's recital (coming in a separate post), followed by a yummy steak dinner and cake to celebrate the b-day boy.  I love weekends with my family and am so blessed they are willing to travel 5 hours at the drop of the hat for recitals and the like.

Ad and Uncle Rock

Apparently it was the big white tiger's bday at the aquarium so they got to watch him open presents.  haha

pure joy

fun night with friends at the luau

Happy Birthday Cale!!!

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MindyCrowe said...

its so fun to see all your neighborhood fun! I actually went to elementary school with Stephanie Lindsay and am good friends with Christina Gronauer (her sister Jen Dewan and I are besties). Lots of random connections (between those 3 and you and Jenn), but I tell Jason that I want to live in your neighborhood one day soon! ;)