Wednesday, May 4, 2016


During the last weekend of my mom's spring break, my parents came in town to visit.  I had Friday off so we took the girl's to the rodeo.  This is always a huge hit with them and sort of become a tradition the last few years to go with my parents.  We had a great time seeing all the animals, eating yummy rodeo food, watching mutton bustin', pig races, seeing all the baby animals and going through the kid's country exhibit. 

Ad with her Mimi and Papaw

Ready to start our day

Ad, of course, loved all the petting zoos.

And Lila kept her distance

We fed lots of goats

The highlight is always getting to ride Dash.  Addie was soooo excited to do this and just loved it.  I bought Lila a ride as well but she was FREAKING out before she even got in the saddle so the man just returned my money.  :)

Hi guys!

I love the rodeo's kid's country exhibit.  It is one of my favorite things for the girls there.

I have a picture just like this of Ad at this age.  So precious and getting so big.

Lila harvesting her carrot

Feeding the chickens

Basket full of goods to sell at the market

Ready for same shade, lemonade and mutton bustin'

Pig races

More time in the petting zoo.  She would have stayed there the entire day if we had let her

I could just eat her up

My girls

Planting sunflowers.  We still have this growing at our house 2 months later.

Last bit of love before we had to leave.

This little one finally tuckered out.

Papaw's little farmer

Sign of a good day

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