Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Easter at the Park

The first weekend in March, the Mom's Club in our neighborhood hosted Easter at the Park.  Jason had to head in to work that day so Deanna was kind enough to come down and help me with the girls since I was heading up the crafts and games for the event.  The girls had an absolute ball and loved getting to hunt eggs, do crafts, play in the petting zoo and enjoy the playground.  I will let the millions of pics we took do the talking.

Addie was, of course, obsessed with the animals (especially the goats).  I have no less than 20 pictures of her with the goats on this day.

I bought paint and little paper cups, and the kids used clothes pins with poms on the end to paint their Easter eggs.  This was a huge hit, and I thought they turned out so cute!

The weekend before the Easter event, Addie and I worked together and made about 60 cutout Easter cookies.  We took them along with lots of icing and sprinkles for the kiddos to decorate.  The Rohlings were showing everyone how it's done.

Sweet Marin and her pretty mama

Ad and her cookie

The 3 musketeers ready to hunt eggs

My littlest baby

More time in the petting zoo.  As you can see, Deanna is holding Lila in the background.  She wasn't the biggest fan.

Hi little goat

I have plenty of love to give you both hugs at the same time.

Fun in the swings


I'm telling you....this girls LOVES her animals

Lila enjoying the bouncy

Nana and her grandbabies

The finished product

We just love our neighborhood, and all the fun they plan for the kids.  It is such a great place for the girls to grow up and make new friends.

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