Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend this year with lots of family time.  I took about a 1000 pics so I will just get right to it.

Lila and I getting ready on Friday morning to head to the lake.

Testing out Daddy's shoes.

We did lots of Easter egg hunting

Baked homemade cinnamon rolls to enjoy on Saturday morning

Opened Easter baskets from Nana

Went on a boat ride

I just love this girl


Jenn brought up the bounce house, and the girls spent hours enjoying the beautiful weather and jumping away.

Time to roll out the cinnamon rolls

Ad got a splinter in her foot, and while Jason and I were doing "surgery" to get it out, Lila helped herself to everything in my purse.

Beautiful day out on the water

I love this pic of my girls and I.  My dad bought each of the girls a fishing pole and brought it to the hospital when they were born.  They have loved using them at the lake this year.

More egg hunting

Nolan's first Easter!

Too cool for school

We also dyed and painted Easter eggs

Addie LOVED doing this

Nana's grandbabies

Lila clearly enjoyed painting herself as well

Teaching Jackson how to shoot

Addie lovin' on Lucy

The neighbors "egged" our house.  They hid a bunch of eggs in the front yard and rang the doorbell with a note from the Easter bunny.  The girls thought this was so great and had fun hunting even more eggs.  Nana and the kiddos baked some cookies that afternoon to take back down to the them with a note of their own.  :)


We headed back to our house Saturday night so the girls could wake up at our house, get their Easter baskets and go to church together.

You will just have to indulge me and the 100 pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses #mom'sperogative

The girl's got color tablets and bath crayons in their Easter baskets and have been loving both

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter celebrating that our Savior is risen!

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