Friday, May 17, 2013

Hand, Foot and Mouth

A few days after Addie turned 9 months old, we headed over to Jenn and Jason's house to watch the derby and hang out.  Later in the evening Ad started running fever so we left and took her home.  We gave her a little Tylenol and put her to bed not really thinking much of it.  When she woke up Sunday morning, she still had fever and was so cuddly (so unlike her....she is a busy bee these days and NEVER sits still).  Throughout the day, she started getting a rash behind her knees and on her chin.  Throughout the day, it got progressively worse, and I realized it may be hand, foot and mouth disease.  I called the doctor first thing Monday to take her in to get checked out.  As soon as I got the appointment, I got an email from Addie's school saying that other babies in the infant class had been diagnosed with HFM (the entire class ended up getting it).  Great.  I took her to the doctor anyway, they confirmed the diagnosis and sent us home saying it would go away on its own.  The doctor said she would no longer be contagious after she was fever-free for 24 hours.  We kept her home from school Monday, and she played and played so I knew she was feeling better.  Poor baby just didn't want to eat much due to the blisters in th back of her throat.  She took her bottles just fine, but every time we would put her in her high chair she would start to cry bc she didn't want food.  After a few days she was back to 100%.  The whole thing was honestly not as bad as I had imagined, but I am definitely glad our baby girl is feeling better and that her rash is all healed.

Hangin with Jackson still feeling well

Poor baby with her rash

Don't mind her outfit.  She had gone through all the pants I sent to school that day so she has her butterfly shirt and little boy pants.  haha

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