Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thanksgiving Down South

Jason and I spent Thanksgiving in Harlingen for the first time in about 10 years which seems hard to believe.  We had such a fantastic weekend with my family.  Addie did amazing in the car on the way there and back, and my parents outdid themselves with yummy food and fun plans.  The boys went duck hunting, pig hunting and golfing while the girls went shopping, shopping and shopping.  We all watched lots of football in between and just had some good quality family time.  Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful weekend.

My parents got wind that Addie loves her jumperoo so they purchased one for her to play in at their think she has them wrapped around her finger?  Uncle Cody got the honors of putting it together.

Morning playtime with Uncle Cale

and Uncle Cody

Story time with Mimi

Me and my girl on Thanksgiving

Kelly and Sarah stopped by to meet Addison

Family Pic

My mom's beautiful Thanksgiving table.  She was so sweet and wrote us each individual notes of why she was thankful for us.  It had us all in tears before lunch.

Jason thought it was a fun idea to fly Addie over the food til we reminded him she could spit up on his lunch....thankfully she didn't


Cody and Britt

My dad got a new toy....his bow was his early Christmas present.  They decided to do some target practice in the back yard.

Jason learning to shoot

Mimi and Ad sitting on the back porch watching the boys

We had to take the obligatory $20 picture with Santa.

Aunt Britt teaching Addie all about the virtues of shopping

Play time with Mimi.  (My mom doesn't usually have a mattress in her living room but brought it down so we could all lounge around and watch football.

Duck Hunting success

Too much cuteness for me to handle

We mean business at Marshalls

Toast cups for breakfast

Cody and Britt left Saturday afternoon to break up their drive back to New Mexico

Addie and her Papaw

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