Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Jason

Back on November 19th was my hubby's bday.  We had planned to get together with friends and have dinner at Pappa's Steakhouse the Friday before to celebrate.  We had both really been looking forward to a carefree night out sans baby girl.  We had lined up for Jason's mom to watch Addie, and I had been dreaming about the glass of wine I would be able to have at dinner.  Unfortunately, I got some sort of stomach bug and ended up being the cheapest date Pappa's had ever seen.  I sat at the table fairly miserable sipping my $3 Sprite and trying to put on a happy face so Jason could still enjoy his bday dinner.  Talk about terrible timing and bad luck.  Despite not feeling well, everyone had a fun time at dinner, and I hear the food was delicious.

The night of Jason's actual birthday, we headed to Lupe's with the fam.  It was nice to get to catch up since we hadn't seen Jenn and Skaife in a while.  I picked up some yummy desserts from a bakery to have at the restaurant after dinner.  It was a low key evening celebrating the bday boy and a big bonus that I was actually feeling well enough to stuff my mouth with fajitas.  Happy Birthday Jason!  I love you!

Trina had a cake delivered to the restaurant before we all arrived for Jason and Connelly's bday.  The baker said Happy Birthday Jason and Jason was too boring so they landed on Yo, Dawgs.  Happy Birthday.  It was so great!!

The birthday boys

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