Saturday, December 8, 2012

4 Months!

My 4 month birthday

Other pics from the week I turned 4 months old:

Playing with her favorite toy at school

On December 2nd, Addison turned 4 months old.  Time is really starting to fly.  I am loving this age because she is becoming so much more interactive and fun.  

Weight:  14 lbs 1 oz (~50th percentile) (obviously we were a little off when we tried to weigh her on our scale at 3 months)
Height:  25.5 inches (~85th percentile)
Head:  16.25" (~85th percentile)

At 4 months, Addison.....
- is still wearing her 0-3 months clothes and jammies, but they are starting to get too short so I am planning to pull out her next size very soon.
- is wearing a size 2 diaper.
- is nursing every 2-3 hours during the day (when she is with me) and takes 3-4 5oz bottles during the day when she is at school.
- is sleeping anywhere from 6-8 hours at night.....although has been waking up more lately since she has been conjested and coughing.  :(
-is starting to grow her hair back.  Those bald spot she developed last month are filling back in.
- is smiling and talking all the time and squeals loudly when she is really happy.
- is starting to roll over from her tummy to her back again after having stopped for about 6 weeks.
-LOVES to stand (with us holding her up).  She likes to be up so she can see what is going on. 
- is sleeping in her pack and play in our room.  We have started talking about trying to transition her to her crib soon.
- still LOVES her bath. We still bathe her on a sponge on top of the counter, but she is quickly outgrowing it.  I think we may have to drag out her bathtub soon.
- has found her feet and loves to play with them often.
- made her first long road trip this month (to Harlingen for Thanksgiving) and did SO well in the car.
- likes to read books and really pays attention for 2-3 short books.  We read every night before bed and other times throughout the day when I am at home.

Happy 4 month birthday baby girl!! I can't imagine our life without you in it anymore.  You make your mommy and daddy so happy.

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Jenny said...

She has the sweetest little face!!!