Monday, January 9, 2012

Family Christmas

Since Christmas fell on a Sunday this year and we were all planning to go to church, we decided to open presents on Christmas eve night so we wouldn't have to rush.  This was the first time we have ever done this, but I must say I was really glad we did considering our Christmas day schedule.  We were all way too spoiled by my parents and had a fun time oooing and awwwing over everyone's new goodies.

Brittany with some new camo with pink accents.  If you look closely, you will see why Cody is excited about it.  haha
Cody was pumped about his new binos

I got a beautiful diamond, cross pendant and Jason got a new iphone.

We all got a good laugh when Cale accidentally opened one of my gifts and ended up with a purple sweater dress.  haha

Britt with her annual shoe calendar

Brittany just wanted money for Christmas to go towards a new mac laptop that she had scoped out.  Of course, my parents couldn't just write her a check.  She had to go on a scavenger hunt for her gift.  Here she is watching the "Show me the Money!" part of Jerry Maguire.

And her cute money tree

Mom got tickets to go see Wicked.  Way to go Dad!

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