Thursday, January 5, 2012

Early Christmas

The Wednesday night before Christmas, Jason and I were able to celebrate Christmas his family, and we had a great time as usual.  We all met at our house, had a yummy dinner and opened presents.  We had such a fun night together, and it was the next best thing to getting to spend Christmas morning together.

 Jax is king of holding stuff up right in front of his face when you want to take a pic.  haha

 Jax picked out a candle and wine stopper for me and an A&M pillow pet for Jason.  So cute!

 Skaife with his new telescope
Deanna modeling some of her goods

Not sure how I didn't get a pic of Jenn with her gifts.  Skaife and Jenn got me a new lens for my camera that I am absolutely in love with.  They totally outdid themselves.  Thanks guys!!!

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Sarah said...

HA! I LOVE The A&M pillow pet! The boys are going to be jealous of Jason!!!