Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend in Aggieland and a New Addition

Last Friday, I headed to College Station to spend a weekend with the Stockers.  It was so fun playing with Callie and Macie and catching up with Charlie and Kels as well.  Apparently Callie has a teacher at school this year named Katie as well so she called me Miss Katie all weekend.  It was so cute!  Friday we just hung out at the house and played with the girls.  Callie helped us make cookies, and we all enjoyed way too many of them.  Once the girls were in bed, Kels and I watched a movie and stayed up late having a girl's night.  Saturday, Mike and Susan had two extra tickets to the Aggie game.  Charlie offered to be super dad and keep the girls so Kelsey and I could go to the game.  Thanks Charlie!!  I hadn't been to a game in years, and it was so fun to be back on campus.  Despite our very disappointing loss, we had a good time.

 Macie is 10 months (hard to believe) and is moving all over the place now.  She is such a good baby.
 Callie kicked back in the recliner to watch Mickey Mouse.
 Love this girl

 Me, Kels and Susan
 The game was packed (over 86,000 fans)

 Charlie text this picture after one of the Aggie touchdowns.


I left College Station Sunday and decided to stop by Ross and Kim's to deliver their baby gift and meet Taylor on my way home.  Ross and Kim welcomed baby Taylor on Thursday, October 27th.  She is precious and looks just like her older sister.  Taylor makes #50 in the Alden Johnson clan.  Congrats Ross and Kim on the newest addition to our family.

 I also got some dress-up stuff for the new big sister.  Shelby put it all on right away and struck a pose for the camera.  What a ham.
  Shelby was so excited to introduce me to her new baby sister.
Welcome Taylor.  Can't wait to see you again soon!

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Kelsey said...

We were so glad you came! We need to do it again soon! Love you!