Monday, October 10, 2011


Last Sunday, we headed back over to Jason's mom's house to spend a little more time with Deb and Drew before they headed back to Seattle.  Alot of the family came over for lunch, and it was a great afternoon.  Jason's Uncle Harry wrote a poem in honor of Howard which I thought was so sweet and made us all smile.  I wanted to include it here for our memories.

Motor Man Mayeaux
by:  Harry Chambers

At 52 I met our Lord
Was standing there outside his door
Invited in to stay a while
To talk of giving, love and trials

Then I realized all had changed
Gone was my hardship and the pain
But left was memories held so dear
My wife, my children, gone was my fear

Was asked to sit and judge myself
The good, the bad, where I helped out
I asked for mercy from the Lord
You see in heaven, they all drive Fords

And I reflected back the years
The good times that I hold and cheer
And many folks who got helped out
Benefitted greatly, without a doubt

We need to cherish everyday
As if out last, in every way
To love your family, with all your heart
Bring them together, and not apart

Someday you'll be where I am now
We'll meet each other, I know not how
To think of how we lived our lives
With open hearts, it's no surprise

It seems like not so long ago
Jason was born, then Jenn, you know
But time flew by, the decades gone
Now celebrate with God, in song

Our lives are like a project car
With many parts, found near and far
And placed together with loving hands
A shiny, brand-new, old, tin can

It does not matter, what you drive
So long as you are filled with pride
And get on where you need to go
For charity or auto show

My judgment came on for the Lord
But He laid down his mighty sword
Lived not my life for financial gain
Here I'll remain with God to reign

Reach out your hand, I'll be not far
My new project, a special car
And with my Lord, I now will stay
He loves his Hot Rod, Cheverlot

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