Friday, August 12, 2011

Wedding Showers

I rarely participate in blog link ups but this this one would be a fun stroll down memory lane.  Kelly's Korner is talking about wedding showers today, and I am sure there will be lots of fun ideas.

I love couple's showers, and recently I hosted one for one of our best couple friends.  Since it was in the summer, we did a beach inspired shower.

 I made homemade iced sugar cookies in various beachy shapes that you can see displayed on a white tray below.
 Sign-in table.  We had the guests sign a New Orlean's coffee table book since the wedding will be in New Orleans.

 Mini key lime pies
 Beverage table

We served pork tenderloin, salad, stuffed mushrooms, a shrimp and crab mold, shrimpo de gallo and marinated cheese 

 Beverage bar
 The cute couple with their bride and groom coozies

Last summer I also hosted a bridal shower for my precious sister-in-law.
 I used my crystal for this since it was all girls and a smaller crowd.

 Gift/sign-in table
 I loved all the bright colors on the food table.  We did a more traditional bridal shower menu with fruit, muffins, chicken salad finger sandwiches, marinated cheese, and homemade sugar cookies (This time to match the flowers on the invitations).

Me, the beautiful bride, and other hostess Patti

I had many beautiful wedding showers that were hosted for my husband and I as well.  I wish I could share all of the pictures but this post would probably be a mile long.  I am excited to see everyone else's ideas to steal use in the future!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures ! Bet the showers were a big hit. Would you consider sharing your recipes ? I would love the Shrimpo de Gallo and Marinated Cheese recipes. Thanks !
Chrissy in McQueeney Texas.

Sarah said...

Having the book be the guestbook was a great idea! :)

mel @ the larson lingo said...

so cute! those mini lime pies look so yummy!!!

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

I'm glad that Kelly's Korner decided to have this topic, wedding showers.
I didn't have a wedding shower so this is fun to see yours.

Erika said...

Came to your blog from Kelly's. Thanks for sharing your ideas. You did an awesome job!