Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas in Cabo--day 3

On Saturday, everybody just did what they wanted to do.  Jason, Daniel, and Harrison went to play golf while Brandi, Monica, and I hung by the pool ALL day.  Connelly and Lani made friends with the swim-up bar for the day.  After a full day in the sun, we all went downtown to eat for our last night in Cabo.  We went to "The Office" for dinner, and it was fantastic.  I loved everything about it.  It had the best atmosphere, was super cute, and the food was excellent.  All the tables were set in the sand, they had a live band, and cute lights everywhere. It was the perfect way to spend our last night.  Sunday morning (day 4), we woke up and spent a few hours at the pool before we had to say goodbye and head home.  We had such a great time with great friends.

 Beautiful golf course at Palmilla

Christmas in Cabo-day 2

Friday morning, we woke up bright and early to head to the marina to catch our boat.  We rented a large boat from Redrum so all eight of us could go together.  We were really disappointed that we ended up only catching one Spanish mackeral....esp when we read the fishing report from the next day and the same boat we were on caught Marlin and several Dorado.  We still had a great day on the water and saw a TON of huge whales, which we were not at all expecting.  Some of the whales came within about 25 ft of our boat.  We even hooked one that decided our bait we were trolling looked like a good snack.  Our captain quickly cut the line, but it was still quite exciting.  Getting skunked on the fishing trip just makes me want to go back and try again very soon.  I am already hinting to Jason that Cabo would be a great place to spend Memorial weekend.  :)  Once we got back to the resort that afternoon, we all napped, spent some time at the pool, and had a late dinner at the resort that night.

Me and Connelly
Jason and I 
 Famous rock arch in Cabo
 Sea Lions right outside the marina

 Taking a break from trolling and fishing closer to shore

 Look at the light spot in the water....that was a whale that swam right by our boat!!

 Our first and only catch of the day

Harrison and Brandi
Dan, Monica and Harrison
Monica and Me

 Ceviche on the beach---We found a guy that made us the best ceviche out of the filet from our lone catch of the day.
 The boys

 Jason dancing with one of the girls that works at the resort

Christmas in Cabo--day 1

This year, instead of getting each other Christmas presents, Jason and I decided to take a vacation in Cabo San Lucas with some friends.  We left on a cold, Thursday morning in December and arrived in sunny Cabo by noon.  We headed straight to the pool and had an absolute blast all weekend.  We hung by the pool enjoying the sun and swim-up bar, fished in the beautiful Pacific, the boys golfed, and just did alot of relaxing in the perfect weather.  We stayed at the all-inclusive Melia Cabo Real and had an absolutely fantastic weekend.  The only thing that could have made it better was if I was feeling a little better (I was fighting a really bad cold the entire trip).  Since I am using this blog as a scrapbook, I am including an insane amount of pictures in the next few posts.

Jason grabbing drinks at the airport bar for the shuttle ride to the resort.

Melia Cabo Real

We changed and headed straight to the pool.  I think this picture was taken within 15 minutes of arriving at the resort.

Jason, Lani, Harrison, Connelly

There were Christmas trees set up all over the resort.  It felt very festive.

 Group shot by the pool bar.

 Dinner on the first night.  I was feeling so bad after dinner that I took Nyquil and went straight to bed.  Everyone else turned in shortly after since we were meeting in the lobby at 5:45am Friday morning to head to the marina.