Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kiam Crawfish

Last Sunday afternoon, our little complex of townhouses had a crawfish boil. Our neighbors Daniel and Monica organized the event and ordered 100 lbs of crawfish....yes 100 lbs. It was ridiculous. We all brought some sides, drinks, and our lawn chairs and just hung out on our common drive all afternoon. The boys cooked all day, and it seemed like we had an endless supply of crawfish. My parents were still in town for Brittany's shower so they got to hang out with us as well. We had such a great time just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather.

 Everyone gathering around the table helping themselves to the crawfish.

Dad pouring out a finished batch.

Ice chest FULL of crawfish just waiting for a "hot bath".  We had 2 ice chests full.  Like I said...pretty ridiculous.

Daniel and Monica...thanks for organizing guys.  We had a blast!

Jason and his mom posing with the "Slap yo Mama" seasoning

Monica was a pro at peeling and eating the crawfish...such a true Louisiana girl.

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