Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Morning

I remember as kid not being able to sleep on Christmas Eve and finally yelling loud enough for my parents to wake up at the wee hours of the morning to open presents. As the years have passed, the tables have turned and my parents usually have to wake us up to open presents. Christmas morning is always exciting, and I truly love giving just as much as receiving. I love the feeling of finding someone the perfect gift and seeing their expression as they open it. We woke up Christmas morning to the smell of frying bacon and homemade biscuits and gravy made by my dad. We had a yummy breakfast that was worth every calorie. After breakfast we opened gifts and played with all of our new stuff until it was time to go to my grandparents house for Christmas dinner. More pictures of that to come...

Cale and Cody with their stockings
Jason and I holding up our stockings and some of our loot
My parents have heard Cale gripe and complain about how much he detests the snuggie commercials so being the loving parents that they are......they bought him a snuggie for Christmas. We were all cracking up when he opened it. A few gifts later, my mom opened the exact same snuggie that Cody and Britt gave her. It was hilarious. We spent several minutes laughing at them pose in their matching snuggies and making all kinds of jokes. It may have been one of those " you had to be there" moments, but we all thought it was really funny at the time.

On several different occasions over the years, my parents have made us follow clues to find our "bigger" gifts. This year Jason was the lucky one that had to endure a scavenger hunt to claim his Christmas present. My parents had him running around the house following clues. He definitely thought it was worth it when he found his prize. See Jason following the clues to eventually find................

A NEW GOLF BAG!!!!!! Jason immediately started transferring all of his golf gear over to the new bag and was able to break it in with a round of golf the day after Christmas. Thanks so much Mom and Dad for making Christmas so special and always being so very generous.

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