Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas Afternoon

Christmas afternoon was spent at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We all brought food and had a late Christmas lunch. Of course, we had enough food to feed an army. I remember as kid thinking that my grandparents house was so big; however, this year after putting all 42 of us in the living room for presents it felt much smaller. It just wouldn't be Christmas though if we didn't all go to my grandparents house. For as long as I can remember, somebody has dressed up as Santa on Christmas and all the kids go sit in his lap to receive their gift. Our parents would make us sit in the living room and sing carol after carol until Santa came. I remember as a child really believing that Santa made a special trip to Grandma's house to bring me a present. :) Now that all of the grandkids are grown, we are carrying on the tradition by letting the great-grandkids sit on Santa's lap for their presents. This year, my cousin Keith dressed up as Santa. We all had fun watching the kids sit on Santa's lap. Some were pro's and others were not so impressed with the big-bearded man in the red suit.
Pressley receiving her present from Uncle Keith...aka Santa.
Tyler telling Santa that he was a good boy this year and definitely earned his gift.

Coop was alright receiving his gift as long as his mom was holding him. When Santa walked in the door Cooper just sat with his hand over his mouth the entire time. It was hysterical.

Marty reaching for his grandpa (my Uncle Wayne). His time in Santa's lap was short-lived.

Bailey is a pro and knew how to flash that precious smile to get her gift from Santa.

Callie checking things out and deciding whether or not she liked Santa.

Shelby was pretty sure she would rather stay with her mom than sit with Santa.

Leanne was positive she would rather be with her mom than have to endure Santa. I just think this is the most precious picture though. What parents make their children endure for a cute Christmas picture.

Cade knows the drill and sits cooly on Santa's lap.

Santa with Jason and I and my two brothers

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