Monday, June 29, 2015

Cale's Birthday Weekend--Part 1

On May 7th, Cale turned the big 30.  My mom, Brittany and I had a special surprise birthday party planned for him the weekend after his birthday so Thursday night, the girls and I (Jason had to work) boarded a plane and headed South for the weekend under the guise of celebrating a late Mother's Day with Mom.  Despite hours of delays and having to switch planes after we had already boarded the first one, we finally made it to Harlingen around 1am.  Thank goodness the girls actually held up surprisingly well despite the late night flight since I was traveling with them by myself.

Happy girl at the airport

Ready to board

Wasting time while they tried fixing our first plane

Lila decided to take a snooze after boarding plane #2

Checking out the safety instructions  :)

Addie stayed awake the entire time until about 12:45 am (15 minutes before we landed)
The next morning, Mom had to work half the day so we headed up to visit my grandpa and meet my dad for lunch.  It was great seeing the family while we had the chance.

Addie, Hayes, Lila and Grandpa
We then headed home, and Ad and Dad tended to the garden and planted some corn while we waited for my mom to get home from work.

Picking potatoes

Planting corn

Oops....let that zucchini go a little too long.  :)
Once mom got home after lunch, we packed up and headed down to the beach.  We had a great afternoon enjoying the sand and waves and then topped off the evening with dinner at Pirate's Landing before heading home.

With my girls at one of my favorite places in the world

Stay tuned for the rest of the b-day weekend......

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