Tuesday, March 24, 2015


One Friday in mid March, my parents were in town visiting so we decided to take the girls to the rodeo.  We had a fantastic day seeing all the animals and just enjoying the day together.  The morning started out a little chilly, but it ended up being a really nice day.  I will just let the pictures do the talking. 

In line for the tram which was one of the highlights of Ad's day.  She kept yelling...."all aboard...choo choo!"

Snuggling Papaw to stay warm

Scoping out the cows

and baby chicks

She was soooo excited about going on a pony ride.  She picked out the exact one she wanted to ride (Tex).  She was all smiles until the guy that worked there came to strap on her belt.  I think she thought he was going to make her get off which is why she looks like she is about to cry.  haha

All smiles once they got movin

She, of course, loved the petting zoo

They have a super cute "kid's country" area where you shop for vegetables and learn about milking cows and getting the eggs from the chickens, etc.  You then turn in all your items for some fake money and get to buy a pack of raisins at the end.  It was pretty educational, and Ad loved it.

Lila enjoyed "riding" the sheep.

Watching muttin busting

Two-steppin with papaw

Mimi and Papaw with their girls

It was the perfect day.  I love experiencing life with these two.

The next night, mom and dad kept the girls so Jason and I could enjoy a kid-free night at the rodeo.  We joined Jenn and Skaife and went to see Billy Currington. We had a great night out! 


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