Thursday, September 11, 2014


Now that Addie is in the two year old class, she was eligible to sign up for ballet ("ba-yeah" as she calls it).  A dance studio comes in once a week and pulls the kids who signed up out of class for 45 minutes for dance.  She will take ballet until January when the class culminates with a spring show.  I can only imagine trying to wrangle a bunch of two year olds for ballet, but I am dying to see their show.  Addie LOVES her ballet outfit and talks about dancing when she comes home from school on Wednesdays.  It's so exciting to me that she is reaching the age where we can start doing extra curricular activities!


Brittany Johnson said...

Aunt Britt really hopes she can come to that spring show! Love this little ballerina!

MindyCrowe said...

such a precious ballerina!!