Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Google Diagnosis

The night of Columbus Day, we were putting Addie to bed, and she felt a little warm.  We decided to give her a little Tylenol before bed to get rid of her slight fever.  She slept well that night, but when I went in to get her the next morning she was burning up.  We gave her more Tylenol and made an appt at the doctor that morning.  After a quick exam, it was determined that Addie didn't have an ear infection and probably just had a virus that she needed to wait out.  Urgh.  The next two days, she was completely comatose and kept spiking super high temps....some above 103.  She literally slept probably 20 of the 24 hours of the day.  I felt so horrible for her.  Jason and I took turns staying home with her over the next few days.  

Finally on Friday, she was back to her normal self and enjoying life again.  We were so relieved. I went to give her a bath Friday night before bed, and as soon as I took her clothes off, I saw this......

She had a horrible red rash all over her belly, neck and back.  We hadn't noticed because her arms and legs were all clear.  I, of course, panicked and did want any overly dramatic, first-time mom would do.....consult google.  :)  After a few quick searches and comparisons of rash images on baby center, I diagnosed her with Roseola.  I had never heard of it, but apparently it's really common.

sudden high fever.....check
Runny nose......check
A few days after fever is gone a rash forms over the belly, back and neck......check

This is apparently just a virus, and there is really nothing to do but let it run its course.  The good news is, usually once babies have it once, they are immune from getting it again.  

We are so glad our baby is back to her normal self and feeling 100% again.  I on the other hand am busy applying for my MD.  :)

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