Thursday, August 29, 2013

Goodbye Kittens

It's hard to believe that Addie had her first, last day of school.  Jason and I were beyond blessed this year that Addie ended up in the Kittens class at FBA.  It is so nerve-wracking dropping your baby off for the first time and leaving them in someone else's hands.  Fortunately for us, we never had to worry.  Mrs. Jeannette and Mrs. Maria were better teachers than we could have ever hoped for.  They loved our baby like she was their own, took care of her and taught her so much this year.  They are patient and understanding, and most of all, Addie LOVED them.  It was a sad, sad day when we had to say goodbye to them as Addison's teachers.  Luckily we still see them in the halls of FBA.  We had a little party in the their classroom to say thank you to the teachers and celebrate the Kittens finishing their first year of school.  Addie's teachers bought all the kids a gift and said sweet things that had us all teary-eyed.  Like I said, they are the best!  Thank you Mrs. Maria and Mrs. Jeannette for everything you have done for us this year!

Addie with Mrs. Maria

Addie and Mrs. Jeannette

Giving her teacher one last hug.  So sweet.

Best teachers around

and just to see how far we've come....Ad on her first day of school.

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