Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week 7 Happenings

We have started to get out a little more each week, and it feels so great.  I wanted to post some pictures of Addie at 7 weeks old.  She is just growing and changing so much each week now. 

 We went to visit Grandma Bev and had a really good time.  She was so happy to see Addie and spend the afternoon together.
 Playing in her pack n play
 Addie's 7 week bday
 Just being precious
 Dressed up for football on Saturday

 We went to Jenn and Jason's house for dinner and football on Saturday the 22nd to have a family evening and to remember Howard.  So hard to believe he has been gone a year.  Jackson enjoyed his chocolate chip cookie after dinner.

Angry Birds

Last Friday, Jason had plans with the boys to go to the Astros game so Addie and I went to watch Jackson and the Angry Birds first soccer game of the season.  Jax did so well and was much more aggressive than last year.  The weather was nice, and it was great to get out and get some fresh air.  We already are looking forward to the next game.





Thursday, September 20, 2012


I love decorating our house for the seasons.  Due to our busy summer and Addie's arrival, I completely skipped decorating for summer this year.  I decided I was way overdue to get the spring flower arrangement out of my entry way and warm up our house for fall.  I changed things up a little bit from last year and love that our house now feels so festive.  

 Dining Table

 Dining Buffet
 Coffee Table...don't mind all the baby gear...our living room has been invaded

 Media Table..again I didn't bother to move the bouncer for the picture bc Addie was sleeping in it.
 Kitchen Buffet
 Kitchen Table
Entry Table

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Update in Pictures

 Cheering on the Aggies on Saturday.  

 Daddy gave Addison her first bottle at 6.5 weeks old.  She took it like a champ and acted as if it was nothing different.  

 Tim was in town last weekend and came by to meet Addie.  He brought Addison the CUTEST Aggie dress and shoes.  I can't wait for her to grow into it.  :)  Thanks Tim!
 Just chillin in her bouncer.  I just love those thigh rolls.  :)
 Play time in the nursery
 Teaching Addie about a beauty regimen from at an early age.  She was soooo good at the salon, and we had a fun girls day.
Just being cute. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Addie hawk

Poor baby girl.  What parents do to their kids for a good laugh.  This is becoming a bath time routine at our house.

Friday, September 14, 2012

6 weeks

Our baby girl is now 6 weeks old.  I am not doing an official update until she is 2 months, but I wanted to post a couple of pictures of Addie to serve as a mini update.

 We had a slight cold front last weekend, so Jason and I took Addie on her first walk around the neighborhood.  We didn't stay out long bc we started feeling mosquitos, but she really seems to enjoy the fresh air.  Can't wait til we get more consistent fall weather (is there such a thing in Houston?) so we can start venturing out more.
 She took her first nap in her crib.  She has only taken 2 short  morning naps in there, but it's a start.
 Love her sleeping positions.  :)
 Addie is always happiest first thing in the morning.  She will just lay on her changing pad and talk to me.  She has even started giving me a few smiles that seriously melt my heart.  It's so fun and rewarding now that she is starting to recognize Jason and I.
 Smiley baby!
Watching her sleep on the monitor.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Meeting the Office....Round 2

Yesterday, Addie and I met Jason for lunch at Brown Bag Deli, and then headed up to his office to meet his co-workers.  It was really nice to get out of the house and also to show Addison off at the office.  All Jason's co-workers thought she was too cute.  Addie slept the ENTIRE time we were gone so I don't even think she knew we ever left the house.  haha  Prob best.  A sleeping baby is better than a fussing baby...esp in an office environment.  :)

Daddy and Daughter at work.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our Little Aggie

Saturday was a day we have all been anxiously awaiting in our house.  It was A&M's first football game of the season and the first game as a member of the SEC.  We opened the season at home against Florida since our game the previous weekend against LA Tech was cancelled due to the hurricane.  Unfortunately, the Aggies didn't win, but they showed some moments of greatness.  Hopefully we can translate those into a successful season.  We, of course, had to dress up our little Aggie for the game, and I have to say she was pretty darn cute.  She has lots of Aggie outfits to debut this season so be prepared for lots more game day posts to come.