Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Visiting Mimi and Papaw

Last week, Addie and I flew down to Harlingen to visit the fam and hang out.  It was a great trip and so fun to get away.  We had a busy week visiting Mimi at school, going up to the farm to visit my grandparents, attending a luncheon, having the family over for burgers, going to church, shopping, etc.  We had such a fun time, but as always, it went by way too fast.

 Heading to the airport
 First plane ride.  Addie did AWESOME on the plane.  She just looked around and took it all in.  She never made a peep which I'm sure the other passengers appreciated.  I was so proud.

 Grandma made a delicious lunch on Friday so Cale, Addie and I headed up to the farm to join.  I couldn't believe how many windmills have gone up since the last time I was in the Valley.

Addison and her great-grandma.

My mom attended a luncheon with some of my mom's friends from church.  Aunt Cheryl got some Addie love while we were there.

The grandbabies of my mom's friends.
Charlotte (5 weeks), Addison (8 weeks), Harper (4 months) and Savanna (7 months)

Addie found her thumb while we were in Harlingen.  Looks like she may be a thumb sucker like her mama was.

Addison's first church service at CFC.  She did great and really enjoyed the music.

Cale came down to hang out with us.  He was so precious with Addie.  They had lots of play time, and Addison is pretty in love with her Uncle Cale.

Papaw and his girl

Addie really loves to be way up high on your shoulder now so she can look around.

Mom and 2 of her kids

Mimi and Addie

Thanks Mimi and Papaw for letting us invade your house for a week.  We had a great time and are already looking forward to the next trip!

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