Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Addison visits Aggieland

Jason had his annual mancation last weekend for the A&M/LSU football game so Addie and I decided to go to College Station as well to visit Charlie, Kelsey and the girls.  It was so fun to let our girls meet each other and catch up.  Our weekend in Aggieland looked a lot different that it was not too many years ago, but we had a great time nonetheless.  We took the girls to the park, for a stroller ride around the neighborhood and had lots of fun playing at the house.  Callie cracked me up and was so good entertaining "baby Addison".  She was so concerned about what toys she could play with and when she needed to nap, etc.  She even busted out singing "Jesus Loves Me" to Addie without being prompted.  It was precious.  Macie had grown so much since last time I saw her and was running around and talking up a storm.  With three kids three and under, we unfortunately did not take many pictures (I hate when I do that), but below are a couple to document the weekend.  Thanks Kels and Charlie for letting us come visit.  Can't wait to see ya'll again soon!

Addie 11 weeks


Macie- 22 months

The only pic of the three girls together.  Callie was the only one that was dressed for the day.

We had grand plans of taking pictures of the three girls in their Aggie gear on Saturday.  Addie was hungry and not feeling pictures so I fed her and she proceeded to spit up all over her dress so I had to change her and ditch the photo session,  Oh well.

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