Monday, July 23, 2012

Hey Batter Batter

Jason's company has season tickets to the Astros games, and this year as part of the package, they gave out tickets to go take B.P. at Minutemaid.  Jason's boss was kind enough to give him the tickets so he picked a date and signed up.  He invited Dan to go with him and let him take half of the swings.  They checked in at the Diamond club where the Astros provided food for all the participants and their guests.  We then headed out to the field.  It was set up really neat.  They had an announcer call out the names of each participant as they took the plate and had their name and video on the big jumbotron in the outfield.  Both Jason and Dan hit the ball really well, and the workers kept joking that they were the pros of the night.  It was a really neat experience, and I'm so glad I made it downtown in time from work to watch.  Thanks Monica for being the designated photographer.  :)

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Cody and Britt said...

So cool! Love the last pic of you two.