Tuesday, July 10, 2012

36 Weeks

I am now in my 36th week of this pregnancy and definitely in the home stretch.  It is so surreal to me that we will have a baby...our baby...in our home in less than a month.  Jason and I are starting to get so curious what she will look like and what things will be like once she arrives.  I am going to the doctor every week now, and she says that everything is looking great.  At this point baby and I are both just gaining weight and preparing for her arrival.  My doctor will do one last ultrasound next week to check the baby's size and fluid levels.  I am just excited to get to see her again.  Overall, I am feeling good.  I have lots of new aches and pains and a full night's sleep in definitely a thing of the past, but nothing too major to complain about.  I also feel like Jason and I are finally making some progress on the name selection.  Good thing since we are running out of time in a hurry.  Hopefully we will make a final decision soon.  Other than that, I don't really think there is any news to report.  At this point we are just waiting and praying for a smooth delivery and healthy baby. 


lnghornlady said...

You look great!!!! All belly!!! Can't wait to meet her!!!

Cody and Britt said...

Still so fabulous! I can't wait to kiss our little princess in just a few more short weeks!! Hang in there, momma. Love y'all!