Wednesday, April 18, 2012

24 Weeks!

I feel like the weeks are really starting to fly by now.  I am still feeling great and feeling baby girl move around ALL the time now.  Jason and my mom have both felt her move which is really exciting.  This week is one of my busiest weeks of the year at work, and I have been working super late.  Jason has been asleep every night by the time I get home so all I have are a few bad phone pics to document my ever-growing belly.  Once things start to slow down at work, I am looking forward to working on the nursery and getting some of the "to-do before baby arrives" things checked off my list. 


Cody and Britt said...

Yay!! Sweet princess just keeps growing and growing. I love your baby bump and wish I could hug it. :) The new floral top that we picked out looks super cute, too! (That is it in the second pic, right?)

Jenny said...

So cute!!!!

Nicole Hoff said...

so cute! sweet lil baby bump!