Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend at the Lake

We headed up to the lake for Easter weekend with the family again this year and had such a great time.  My parents, Cale, the Skaife's, Brian and Justin all joined us for the weekend so we had a packed house.  Donna, David, Jess and Grandma Bev also came up Sunday for Easter lunch.  Everyone brought way too much yummy food, and we enjoyed lots of time on the boathouse and playing outside.  It really was the perfect weekend of relaxing with so many of the people I love.  Despite being out of town and not able to attend church Easter morning, I am so grateful for everything Easter represents.  All of the bunnies, egg hunts and time spent with family is so fun, but the biggest blessing is that God gave his Son to pay for our sins, that he died, and that He rose again for all that will acknowledge Him as their Savior.  I couldn't have asked for a better weekend and hope that ya'll had a great time celebrating as well.

 Our precious nephew Jackson
Jason and I got Jax this baseball machine for Christmas, and he got to use it at the lake this weekend.

 Jenn and Jax making a cake
 Playin 42 on the boathouse
 Tami and Ross came by and took some of the crew on a boat ride.
 Dad made homemade ice cream for everyone Saturday night.
 Donna brought eggs for pocking on Sunday.  Pocking eggs is a Cajun Easter tradition that I learned when Jason and I started dating.  Jax was the ultimate champion for the day.

 Tucker and Brian's dog Buster followed each other around all weekend.
 Jax with his grandpa, Gary.
 The room with all the air beds for the "kids".
Jax liked Donna's dogs, Summer and Izzy.

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