Friday, July 1, 2011

Homeward Bound

Last Thursday I headed down to Harlingen for a long weekend to visit the fam.  I had not been home since Christmas so it was a much anticipated trip.  The weekend could not have gone better, and I had an absolute blast.  As soon as I landed on Thursday, my mom and I headed to Santa Rosa to meet Dad, Uncle Mark, Grandma and Grandpa for a yummy Mexican food lunch.  After lunch we headed over to Uncle Richard and Aunt Cheryl's house to visit with them.  Kristi and her kids were also down, and they were babysitting Travis and Sarah's crew.  I wish I would have gotten my camera out to take some pics of the kids, but it was a zoo.  Friday morning came bright and early as we woke up at 5am to head out to fish.  We had a great day on the bay and caught a ton of fish.  After a burger at Chili Willies, we cleaned up from fishing and headed down the beach for the night.  Keith met us for dinner at Sunset and watched the Friday night fireworks.  Saturday, we had lunch at Dirty Al's and then layed on the beach for several hours before heading back to Harlingen.  I headed back to Houston Sunday night.  The weekend was exactly what I needed and couldn't have gone more perfectly.  Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful time at home.

Grandma, Me and Grandpa
Uncle Mark, Me and Dad
It was an ominous morning on the bay, but then the sun came out and we had a fantastic trip.
Dad with his monster 27" trout.

I was really excited to catch a redfish.  I hadn't caught one in several years, and they are so fun to fight.  We did really well on our Nuclear Chicken lures.  :)
Dad with another large trout.
Mom caught a few really nice reds as well.

11 keeper trout and 4 reds

Our awesome guide.

Love my parents.  So cute!

Keith and I

Friday night fireworks

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