Friday, May 6, 2011

BMC Hole in One

Good Friday for accountants is not always so good.  We were still in the middle of our year-end reporting process and had to work a full day while most everyone else was off enjoying the beautiful weather.  Six years ago, one of my co-workers began a hole-in-one contest in our hall for those that have to work Good Friday to help boost morale.  He puts up $100 to anyone that makes the hole in one and another co-worker put up $20 for closest to the hole.  Nobody made the hole in one this year, but we all had a great time and enjoyed the short morning break before getting back to the grind.  It makes a world of difference to enjoy being around your co-workers, and I feel so fortunate to have the BEST team.  It truly makes me enjoy coming to work.  They aren't the greatest pictures due to the lighting in our hall, but here are a few action shots of the "BMC Masters" as it has been dubbed.



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